909 Marschall Road
Shakopee, Minnesota 55379
(952) 445-3562

Thank you for your interest in First Presbyterian Church of Shakopee.  Our church has a long and rich history in this community dating back to 1855.  I began as Pastor here at the beginning of this year, and am excited to be serving this community.

As you look at our website, you might wonder who we are and what it means to be Presbyterian.  Most importantly, we are a denomination within the Christian faith tradition. As Christian people, we name Jesus as Lord and Savior which means that we believe God walked among us in the person of Jesus the Christ to save us and call us into a family of faith to do God’s work in this world.

What it means to be Presbyterian is that we are disciples of Jesus Christ whose faith community is ordered and governed by certain traditions born out of the Protestant Reformation.  As disciples of Jesus we seek to love God and neighbor and we value learning by engaging in a lively conversation between our faith tradition and the world around us.

What it means to us as members of the particular church which is First Presbyterian Church of Shakopee is that we seek to adapt our tradition in ways that help us listen to our community and respond with God’s love.

If you wish to learn more about our Christian faith in general, or more particularly how we as Presbyterians carry on the tradition of following after Jesus, or how we practice our faith in this community, please feel free to join us or give me a call.  I would very much enjoy talking with you!  There is so much I hope to learn about this community and how we can be of service to it.

May God’s Peace Be With You,

Pastor Scott Larson


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